Yesterday the Chef had the day off. He thought he would surprise me and not tell me until the morning but he couldn't do it. So we woke up and lounged and then realized that we couldn't really go anywhere because it was 100 degrees in Brooklyn and the baby doesn't do so well in those kind of temps. So after about an hour of watching cooking shows (his pick) I got restless as did the babe. So we decided to brave the global warming temps and go out to lunch. For some reason I got in a mood. I don't know if it was the heat or what but I was being a megabitch to my handsome hubby. I think the real reason for my 'tude is because one day when he has a day off I would just love for him to offer to watch the boy all day and let me do my own thing. I guess I just resent him when he is home. Everything is so easy with Catcher. Anywho, I think he got to see more of how it really is being stay at home. When we went to eat, Catcher was sooooo bad. We went to BarTabac in Carroll Gardens and the baby was not having it. He kept climbing out of his hi-chair and knocking everything off the table. So bad. So I gave full control to Jon. Here you go buddy Mr. High Pitched Screamer is all yours. And after that he was perfect. Of course, perfect for daddy, devil for mommy. I love the little guy but sometimes....

The pic above is from a James Beard event that I got to go to with Chef Jonathon called
Chefs & Champagne.