Ok so my earlier post may have been a little harsh. It's just that I am getting to that point in my pregnancy where cleaning and picking up constantly is the last thing I want to be doing. Frankly I wish we could hire a maid because I am pretty much about to let this house go to shit. Bending over not only kicks my ass now, it also gives me more varicose veins. And those fuckers hurt bad.

This next month is gonna be tough. Being pregnant and chasing after a 'spirited' Catcher all day & NOT being able to drink a martini might make Chef's Widow go loco...

PS Just so the rumor mill doesn't go ablaze about the Chef's contribution to this family, know that he is probably the only man on earth who works 100 million hours a week and then comes home each night and cleans & organizes the fridge, kitchen, bathroom, etc...He also changes mad diapers and lets me sleep in till 8 if he doesn't have to go to work super early. I bitch, but it all comes from mad love.