Make My Day

2009 05 01_7629

Today, an old friend made my day.  Thank you Andrea.

Today, I got the wind knocked out me.

Today, I sobbed like a baby for two hours straight with a grin on my face.

Today,  I wrote rewrote erased deleted wrote finished published this post 19 times.

Today,  I reflect.

Today,  I threw up from overwhelming joy.  Seriously.  Ask C-Money.

Today, there are no worries.

Today, changes tomorrow.

Today, my pride is bursting at the seams.

Today, I think about the past but am finally able to see our future.

Today, all of the Chef's blisters disappeared (at least for a moment).

Today, I took my children to our restaurant and smiled while I watched the people come and go.

Today, I read that our restaurant is going to be named ONE of the TEN BEST RESTAURANTS in America by Bon Apetit Magazine.

Today, I googled Bon Appetit's circulation.

Today, I drank pounded a bottle of wine after I googled Bon Appetit's circulation. Holy mother.

Today, I said thank you to people who have been with us since day one as well as the people who became part of our family last week.  It's your victory as well.

Toady, I saw tomorrow.

Today, I made out with a Chef.

Today, I am overwhelmed with pure happiness.

I want to share my happiness and my gratitude with all of you.  I would love to hear your stories of utter happiness.  A defining moment when you knew your life had changed.  My life changed today and I am so lucky that I have all of you to be by my side.  You have been a part of our journey and I would love to be able to show how much I appreciate your support.  Please leave me comments (regarding the above) and I will bestow upon one random person some badass widow swag.  I will randomly choose a winner on Friday August 7th, Noon (eastern time).

Beach Bag from the Gap filled with the following goodies:

The Greenhouse Tavern's Reidel Glassware (2 logo wine glasses)

The Greenhouse Tavern Tee (signed by the Chef's)

A Pair of Crocs Flip Flips

An original Catcher Sawyer painting

Bottle of Delicious Red Wine

Funky Memory Stick from BlogHer '09

The keys to my blog (if you are so inclined I would love for the winner to do a guest post about your happy moment!)

Bonne Chance bitches.