And the invites are out!

Well the past ten months have been crazy. Opening Noodlecat has been one of the tougher things I've done. Delays, chaos, internet issues. So many internet issues. Soon, we open our doors to the public. Soft opening later this week and I sent out the cutest invitations ever from Paperless Post. I've been using them for years now, but this is the first time I've used them for such a huge event like the soft opening of Noodlecat. The invitations went out seemlessly and I even used Noodlecat's logo in a cool design. 

Our grand opening will be in the next few weeks and I'm sure I will be using Paperless Post again for that. Until then I noodle on.  


Date # 2

I have been a slacker on these posts I know, I know. Dating, raising kids, and running a restaurant barely leaves time for a life, let a lone a blog post. 

The Chef and I have been on three dates thus far and this week is our 4th. The second date was forced to happen without much planning (on my part) due to traveling to New York City for a week. Because I literally had 24 hours to plan a date, I stuck with something I know and something the Chef and I have done before. 

I called my parents who live next to Cedar Point, and asked them if they wanted to watch the kids on a Sunday a few weeks back. They said yes and my date to take the Chef to America's Roller Coast was a go!

First things first. 

Cedar Point is NOT ROMANTIC.  

In fact Cedar Point is SO NOT ROMANTIC that it makes you never want to do the nasty again on the off chance that you may have a baby who someday may end up falling in love with one of the degenerates who makes out with people under the Corkscrew. 

Whoa. That's real.  

I digress.  

Although we weren't inspired to make babies, we definitely had fun. Since it was my date,  I planned to rock the park, have a picnic lunch, and lounge by the pool. We hit the park up and running and within minutes we were screaming our faces off on the Gatekeeper (which is kinda lame). We worked our way around the little island and made it on all of the coaster but one, Top Thrill Dragster. The line was almost 2 hours long and baby ain't got time for that

Around lunchtime we headed to Hotel Breakers and picnic'd on the patio. We laid out by the pool sans kids and made out on the Lake Erie beach. Our date was perfect for the time we had and it definitely gave us some quality time that we needed before I was in New York City for the week.

This week is my week again to plan our date and I think we might actually have a Saturday night to work with.  

Anything cool going on this weekend on Saturday? 

The First Date

You guys, I went on the best first date ever. 

It started with a bike ride to Lake Erie. Our plan was to drop the minis off at grandma's and hit the gym. The skies were blue and the cool summer breeze wouldn't allow ius to partake in any indoor activity. The Chef suggested a bike ride to the lake and although I am a bit scared of riding in the city (especially after this incident), I agreed. 

The Cleveland Museum of Art

After a lovely ride to the lakefront factories we headed towards home. Our bellies were rumbling so we decided a quick stop at the Provenance Cafe at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Falafel and Naan bread in the spectacular atrium for the win!!

We made it home just giving us enough time to get ready for our first official date for our #30daysofdatingachef project. 10 outfit changes later, a horn honking chef was waiting in the drive. I grabbed my bag and ran out ready for our much deserved night out together.  

Bon Vivant

As we headed to our first stop, I grilled the Chef about our plans. Wanting to surprise me, his lips were sealed.  When we pulled up to the quaint French bistro on Larchmere I was thrilled. We had both been wanting to try Bon Vivant but never had the chance.  Our date began with a bottle of red wine as it should, we ate mussels and frites, and tried like hell not to talk about the restaurants (something which is much easier when the restaurant owner doesn't know who you are & wants to talk shop with the Chef). The patio was lovely and for a moment we felt like we were back in Paris.  

The Chef rushed us off after our meal concluded as the night was just beginning. We drove down towards the city and soon found ourselves at MOCA. I am so ashamed to say that we haven't been since they moved. Life gets in the way even when we live 1/2 mile away. I was ecstatic for the visit! Because it was late on a Thursday night we had the entire museum to ourselves. Hand in hand, we strolled through the galleries so proud of of what our city has to offer.  


We left the museum as it was closing and I assumed our date had also come a close. Not so, said the Chef and before I knew it we were off to the Katz Club for a nightcap. I ordered my usual spritz and he a Manhattan, we shared a plate of oysters and may have made out a in the banquette.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful date.

The Chef and I are still aglow from our first date. We can't stop talking about how much fun we had being together. I think our #30daysofdatingachef project might turn into a permanent fixture in our relationship. Yay love!!


However successful you are, there is no substitute for a close relationship. We all need them.
— Francesca Annis

The Rules


After 7 years of marriage and 20 years of being friends, the Chef and I have decided to start dating again. And NO, I don't mean other people. We have decided to date each other. Inspired by this Tumblr, the Chef & I will spend the next 30 days rekindling the fire that gets blown out by work, kids, food, business, chickens, books, tv, family, or whatever else is on our crazy life schedule.  

Today we start anew.

These are the rules: 


1.     One day per week. Dates must be preplanned and must focus on spending time together.

2.     Date nights: no animals or children sleep with us.

3.     Dates can be during the day or at night.

4.     Dates should encourage learning more about Cleveland and interacting with the city.

5.     Budget per date $100 max.

6.     Each week one person should do something thoughtful or go out of their way for the other, an act of kindness or romance.

7.     MAKEOUT once per day.

8.     Shower once per day. Hottub dip does not count. 

9.     Dress well for each other. No jorts. 

10.   No talking about the restaurants or work. At all. Ever. FOR SERIOUS.

11.    All dates should be put on the calendar at least 24 hours in advance.

12.   Whoever is planning date is also responsible for securing a babysitter.


1.     To find more happiness with each other.

2.     To learn more about each other that doesn't have to do with food, restaurants, asshole business partners, lying friends, or finances.

3.     To be kinder to each other. 

4.     To get busy.

5.     To keep our relationship fresh and ever evolving. Fuck boring. 

6.     To fall in love again. And again. And again. And again. 

7.     Butterflies!!!

Follow #30daysofdatingachef on FB, Twitter, Instagram and here at CW. We will be posting weekly post date questionnaires about the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the nasty.

Let the dating adventures begin!