Date # 2

I have been a slacker on these posts I know, I know. Dating, raising kids, and running a restaurant barely leaves time for a life, let a lone a blog post. 

The Chef and I have been on three dates thus far and this week is our 4th. The second date was forced to happen without much planning (on my part) due to traveling to New York City for a week. Because I literally had 24 hours to plan a date, I stuck with something I know and something the Chef and I have done before. 

I called my parents who live next to Cedar Point, and asked them if they wanted to watch the kids on a Sunday a few weeks back. They said yes and my date to take the Chef to America's Roller Coast was a go!

First things first. 

Cedar Point is NOT ROMANTIC.  

In fact Cedar Point is SO NOT ROMANTIC that it makes you never want to do the nasty again on the off chance that you may have a baby who someday may end up falling in love with one of the degenerates who makes out with people under the Corkscrew. 

Whoa. That's real.  

I digress.  

Although we weren't inspired to make babies, we definitely had fun. Since it was my date,  I planned to rock the park, have a picnic lunch, and lounge by the pool. We hit the park up and running and within minutes we were screaming our faces off on the Gatekeeper (which is kinda lame). We worked our way around the little island and made it on all of the coaster but one, Top Thrill Dragster. The line was almost 2 hours long and baby ain't got time for that

Around lunchtime we headed to Hotel Breakers and picnic'd on the patio. We laid out by the pool sans kids and made out on the Lake Erie beach. Our date was perfect for the time we had and it definitely gave us some quality time that we needed before I was in New York City for the week.

This week is my week again to plan our date and I think we might actually have a Saturday night to work with.  

Anything cool going on this weekend on Saturday?