Chef's Widow Loves Sleigh Bells

Every now and then the Chef & I get to let loose and partake in some adult activity. Last week the  Chef talked me into going to see one of his favorite bands, Sleigh Bells. The band had eaten at the restaurant and gave our entire staff tickets to the show. We called our babysitter and headed downtown to House of Blues:  

Alexis, rockstar extraordinaire leading lady of Sleigh Bells enjoying some Noodlecat

The Chef & his Widow


Alexis sends Chef some love

The show was AMAZING times infinity. Alexis is by far the best front women of a band I have seen in I can't tell you how many year. Her voice is wicked powerful and the show she puts on is so ROCKSTAR. I must admit that when I first heard Sleigh Bells album I wasn't impressed but after watching and listening live I can declare myself a fangirl! If you like rock & roll and you like drum & bass/techno/dubstep then Sleigh Bells is for you. Check 'em out!!


Have you seen any good shows this summer? Any shows coming up that can't be missed?

Chef's Widow Hosts Good Company

When I got the script for my co-hosting gig on Good Company I couldn't help but laugh at the fact they were calling me a culinary expert. A culinary expert I am not. Just ask the Chef...

My co-hosting gig on Good Company was really really fun. Although I was shockingly nervous at first by the end of the show I was ready for more action. Live TV is actually kind of fun once you get past the bright lights and initial trepidation.

Did anyone see the entire show? How'd I do?

Love to 100th Power

Crazy in love with the believer. 

(this video was made as part of Wüsthof's new Defining The Edge marketing campaign by phenomenal director and wonderful human being Pedro Castro. More stunning videos can be found here. The Chef will be representing Wüsthof for the next year in multiple campaigns so keep your eyes peeled, they are gonna be wicked awesome!)

Talking About Kids Menus on the Telly

After I wrote this, all sorts of TV people began calling me. A few weeks back, the kids and I headed down to Noodlecat to film this spot for Fox 8 News. A little ironic that the spot is sponsored by McDonald's, however I think it came off well and the message was clear. Next Wednesday the kids and I will be cooking on their  morning show. We will be cooking meals from scratch that we cook at home together as a family. I would love to hear your suggestions on what we should make!

Any meal you would love to see us cook together? Any topic you want us to talk about?

Downtown Cleveland Rocks

Man does that Chef look good. Bow chicka bow wow....

Now if only the rest of the world could understand why we love downtown Cleveland!

The video above is just a small aspect of the up and coming Downtown campaign put on by Downtown Cleveland Alliance. Both the Chef and I were thrilled that he was asked to be featured in this campaign that will highlight what a cool pace downtown has the potential to become.

Wicked awesome right?

In other fantastic news, we have some winners!

Congrats to Heather and Renee for winning the Hallmark Holiday Prize Package! Please email me your mailing address at chefswidow at gmail dot com. xo

Project Mom Casting

I am a Chef's Widow and I tell interesting tales of a chef's wife. The story of a  began almost five years ago in a sunny 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York.

Since then babies have been born, restaurants have been opened, food has been cooked, LeBron broke up with Cleveland (on TV!!), the Chef's mug has graced the pages of People and the cover of Food & Wine, and I became a writer.

Who would have thunk it?

It began as a therapy.  A new mom getting used to life as a married but single woman.  A new mom whose husband went to work for 80 hours a week (and still does) while she stayed home to care for mini's.  Then something changed.  Chef's Widow became a platform for my husband as well.  As we began our trek of opening our own restaurant, I used my social media prowess (me-OW) and my blog know how to build a buzz two years prior to our opening.  And what a buzz it created...

The Chef has since been featured in magazines and on TV.  I think it's time for a widow to get her chance in the sun.  Don't you?

As I write this post for you folks over at Project Mom I can't help but feel tickled about all the journey's this blog has brought me.  I can't wait to start a new one.  Hint.  Hint.

If you think that my dreams of becoming a reality tv star should come true then I encourage you to tell the world!!!

Visit Project Mom on FB and tell them how much you heart me, tweet tweet, and look below...the comment section.  Show a widow some love.


Widow'Mas 2008

We had a spectacular Christmas week filled with friends and family, Festivus, and food.  

We have certainly been blessed this year with so many new great friends and so many great times.  The Chef's last night at Cento was sad, fun, and enormously busy but we got to hang out with some of our favorite people, Mike & Liz, Julie & Steve, Roni & Kevin, Billy & Barbara (and Henry too!).  We are a lucky family that seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each new venture the Chef & I take on.  Life is good.


Life is fucking awesome.

I hope that you & yours had a special Christmasukahwanza!!!


Cheers Bitches.