#JBFA Great Lakes FINALIST!!! #FTW

We needed a good day. We needed some good news and yesterday we got some.

After years of working his ass off, the Chef was announced as a FINALIST for the James Beard Foundation Awards.

A Finalist!!

That means come may 6th, the Chef and I will head to NYC to see if the Chef from little ol' Cleveland can hold his own against Chicago. Of course just making it on the finalist list is a feat in itself. Just look at these heavy hitters!

Love seeing the Chef's name!!

Love seeing the Chef's name!!

Seven years in and I am still completely smitten with the Chef.

Awards and acknowledgments like this just cement the fact that I married a man who puts his all into everything he does, from fatherhood to the the kitchen. The Chef and I work hard at what we love and seeing his name above just helps make the work we do a little bit easier.

We SO needed this. After this treacherous winter filled with betrayal, pain, and greed we really needed some love.

Surprising dad with some congratulatory love!!

Congrats Chef! Win, lose, or draw, you will always be the best chef in my books.