I just woke up to the smell of cinnamon burning. Not a good smell. For some reason, our normally very potent stem heater has not been turning on. This morning before work, Jon put four pots on our little stove. One had cinnamon, the other oranges. The apartment heated up and smelled yummy all at the same time. At about 10.30 Catcher fell asleep, as did I. I woke up about 15 minutes ago (11.00) to that fabulous smell. Jon's pan is burned and our house smells gross. At least the boy slept through it all.

Last night Jon and I went to a Chef event and I got totally starstruck after meeting Tom Colicchio. For those of you who don't know who he is, he is the judge and creator of Top Chef. I don't know why I got all cheesy, maybe b/c I just started watching the show with Jon and I really like it. I feel like I am actually gaining a little bit of insight into my husband's world by watching the show. So anywho, I was so gay and couldn't stop 'big' smiling, you know the joker smile, that was me times 5. Thank god but I don't think he even noticed. He was to busy looking for the previous Top Chef winner Herald, who was also there. Whatever.

The space that the event was held at was really cool. It was a test kitchen for these appliances called Electrolux. Very awesome appliances. I mean top of the line bad ass kitchen stuff and it all had that really cool touch screen blue lighting. All in all though it was actually very boring and I was the only widow there. It was all a bunch of dudes or chefs or agents. Yuck. I just couldn't resist going, I mean they picked us up in a Caddy and shoved champagne and caviar down our throats. Who's gonna pass on that?

Did I forget to mention that so far out of every event related to food that I have been to this past year, my husband is no doubt the best looking Chef out there? For a minute I thought Sam (Top Chef) was cute but his personality ruined that for me~ My Jonny's got him beat.