Cleveland Nail Artist: Jessica Dingess

My GHT and Noodlecat nails...

I am a huge fan of nail art. I first became aware of the trend when I met a girl name Mayay Apple on a visit to LA in 2012. Mayay did my nails in my hotel room and hand drew our restaurants logos on my nails to celebrate a special dinner the chef was doing in California that night. Turned out Mayay was not only my nail artist but also nail artist of Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Prince, and Busy Phillips. Can you say 6 degrees?

Adventure Time Nails...

When I came home to Cleveland I searched long and hard for someone as good as Mayay. It took me nearly 2 years but I have finally found someone!  Her name is Jessica and she works at Tease Hair & Body Parlor. She is the best (and ONLY) nail artist in Cleveland. Check out her work on her Instagram and if you are in the mood for some funky or beautiful painted nails be sure to give her a ring. 

Disney Villan Nails 


Tease Hair & Body Parlor

15112 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

(216) 228-2440