Red Lips

After I heard through the grapevine that a server had told another server "I had really let myself go," I started to question my look. 

I have always been pretty confident. I don't think I am the most beautiful, skinny, amazing woman in the world but I embrace what I've got. 

The server was right though. Bitchy as her comment was, it was true. Since the opening of the tavern and this year especially I had given up. I didn't "wear sweatpants in public give up" but I did start dressing down, lost the 4 inch heels in lieu of comfortable Toms and my face was always makeup free.  It wasn't as though I had lost the desire to look HOT, it just become less of a priority on top of all my other million priorities. 

Her comment stung but it made me get my ass in gear. My first (and only) step was quick and easy makeup. When we first opened the tavern I would wear a full face, dress, and heels every single time I went to work. Since then, my job has changed and I'm not so much on display. I don't have to be in the full dress wardrobe and frankly I don't want to be. Nowadays I have a routine that is simple consistent and makes me look like I haven't "given up."  


That's it. I put lotion on my face. I apply my new favorite mascara, EYEKO, and I finish with Fiery by Stila. 

And then I go to work. Even if I wear docs, jeans, and a flannel, that pop of eyes and red lips dresses me up. 


So timeless, so easy, and so fast.