I started this blog and then a bunch of shit went down. In order to make an extremely long story short I have compiled a list of the most important happenings.

  1. We had a house fire. Our stove and hood vent caught on fire. Everyone is ok but there is a lot of damage and our landlord is being a complete prick.
  2. The hubs NYTimes review came out. You can view it here.
  3. The restaurant opened for lunch and I have seen my man an average of 40 minutes a day. I have recently become extremely depressed and I blame this on my lack of contact with the man I love.
  4. The boy turned 1!!! We tried to go to the Brooklyn Children's Museum however we got very very lost and ended up in the ghetto.
  5. We went to the Jersey Shore. The boy had sooo much fun although I think he would have had more if the dogs were aloud to come.
  6. We finally got the fire report which of course blames me as the cause of the fire. Not quite sure how that works since the stove and hood caught on fire with no warning or cause whatsoever. Crazy.
  7. We got in trouble for leaving our toilitries at the house we were staying at the shore, Really???? C'mon now.
  8. I went back to Cleveland with the boy to finish up on some wedding stuff, have my bachelorette party & bridal shower and to get away from the city. The boy and I went to the pool quite a few times and even bought a baby pool that we lounged in. Very nice.
  9. I came back to NYC only to find that my man has still not gotten a raise but looks even better than I remember.
  10. Realized that I don't really care for going out to bars anymore, especially till 3 am. My bachelorette party was fun but I could have easily gone home after sushi.