Honestly I hate my dogs. I know my previous post was cutesy and loving toward them both but I can't stand them. They are such a-holes when I walk them. I think that the one thing I despise about being a stay at home mom is walking the dogs and the baby multiple times daily. It blows. First off, Potato is a pitbull and pitbulls pull. They pull hard. Sometimes I have to use my entire body to hold onto him. Second, Vito hates dogs and is such a mean jerk to them. He has a Napolean complex and it shines when he is confronted with another canine. Third, while holding on to both dogs, I am also pushing the stroller with the baby in it. Pretty sweet deal, right? No. It sucks. I just took all three of them out and it was not a cool experience. What made it really bad was after I got done taking the two dogs, baby, and stroller down the flight of stairs, we walked out of the building and were gretting by a foo-foo dog and it's hipster chick owners. Vito went into attack mode, Potato started pulling, I started swearing, and the two chicks said 'must be tough, two dogs & a baby.' Bitches.