Sometimes it really sucks to be married to a chef. The long hours he works are ridiculous and the pay doesn't stack up. The jealousy also wreaks havoc on a chef's wife. An example of this would be my evening last night continuing into the morn. So the chef is at work last night and I am home with the baby and the dogs. We have an early night, take a bath, watch some TV. The chef usually calls me around 11 to let me know when he will be home. Sometimes I am awake to take his call, sometimes exhaustion gets the best of me and I crash. Last night, I crashed. So I never heard from him. This morning I wake up to my baby boy talking and crying, telling me to come get him. I get up and reach for my phone. Looks like the chef didn't call me last night. Hmmm, wonder when he got home? Nonchalantly, I ask him the time of his arrival. He says about 1.30 (way later than usual), I ask him why so late and he says he was talking about the restaurant to his sous chef and the FOH manager. Whatever at this point I don't care. A few minutes pass and his cell beeps with a text. I grab it and look. His brother is in the city, wants to meet. Great, all good. Then his phone goes back to all his texts and I see one particularly interesting text from his sous. This text is incriminating and leads me to believe that he was not only talking to his boys but also to a lady, who apparently 'wants his c@#k.' Well being the crazy jealous wife I am, I immediately confront him. He has no answer and is like 'what did the text say, I never saw it.' Whatever. This has happened more than once, I let him know. I then tell him that if the tables were turned he would be just as mad. Well after I say what I feel I have to say, he replies and says 'the bartender was telling a stupid story and no one was listening.' REALLY? That is your response to me about a text from your sous that says some girl 'wants your c@$k.' Awesome. I really trust you.