Well the past couple of days have been going ok. Catcher started walking full time and is being possibly the cutest baby I have ever seen. He walks like Frankenstein's monster. He also has to hold objects while he is walking, I guess it balances him. Who knows? I was on the lemon cleanse but went off it on the third day. I lost 6 pounds and I do feel good however I just can't not eat anymore. I need food. I am just going to stick to a strict chicken salad only diet until the wedding. Speaking of, the wedding is coming along pretty smoothly. I am headed back to Cleveland tomorrow in a rented SUV with the dogs and the babe. 8 hours of hell to look forward too. When I do arrive in C-town, I have meetings galore regarding the wedding. Friday I have to meet with the priest, who is not happy with myself or my husband. He is Jon's childhood priest and we were supposed do all this preliminary stuff (which we didn't) before the big day. When we moved he told us to join a church (haven't yet, but I walk by one everyday), take a marriage class (yep, that's a no-go), and keep in touch (my husband doesn't return phone calls). So this meeting should be super fun. On Monday I have a meeting with my DJ (who I dislike). He is a pompous ass who thinks he knows ALL music. When I told him our wedding song 'Hallelujah' by Jeff Buckley, he told me he would need a CD. I have meticulously typed a music outline. I don't want him sneaking in any Ashlee Simpson, if you know what I mean.
During this crazy week of lemon cleansing and walking I managed to somewhat complete a painting that I started on at least 8 months ago. I think I like it, it is unlike any of my other work. Let me know what you think.