We are back in the city after a month long whirlwind of activities. The wedding went off without a hitch (well there were a couple). The ceremony was great and crazy, the homily had a theme of 'sex & food.' Apparently when you have a baby with a chef out of wedlock sex & food must be all you know. The cocktail hour and reception were a blast, barely remember talking to anyone, couldn't drag my ass off the dance floor. Apparently there were a couple scuffles, but that is bound to happen with a group of 150 drinkers. I guess the crazy shit went down at the hotel late night. Jon & I were fast asleep in our suite, but I guess a couple went ape shit on each other and the feds showed up. My cousins saw it but couldn't really remember what went down due to their highly intoxicated states. The next morn, Jon & I awoke at 6am and headed back to the Hale Farm, the most beautiful reception site ever. We took all the left over liquor and headed back to get ready for our honeymoon. After a day of mass chaos we headed to the airport to catch our first flight to Newark. The flight really fucked us. At some point somehow my wallet disappeared. It may have fallen out of my purse inflight who knows. Long story short it had $1000 cash in it. We never had a chance to get travelers checks. So basically the first night of our honeymoon turned out to be shit. We spent all night trying to call the airport & continental & eventually we got a call from some random airport security guard who had my wallet minus the $. Not a great start but it all worked out. We had our credit cards and Jon's parents wired us some dough. We went to sleep and woke up ready for our flights to St. Bart's. After two flights of pure terror lasting 6 hours we arrived on the beautiful isle of St. Barthalemey. Our caretakers met us at the tiny landing strip and brought us to our amazing villa. I am not going to go into that many details as the week was only for us, but let's just say that an amazing and decadent time was had lounging by the pool, swimming in the vast ocean, sleeping on the sand, eating French cheese and hard bread, drinking absinthe, and getting some loving. I enjoyed every moment of everyday we had. I saw the passion that Jon has for food that I haven't seen in a long time. He is such an amazing chef and he has so much talent. I think I am scared that he isn't using it all on a daily basis. I think what I just said is the main issue I have with us in New York. When he was just a lonely ole' sous chef he has so much excitement in his eyes whenever he spoke of a new dish. Now he doesn't even bring up the new dishes. I don't even know when the menu changes. I wonder if that's because our relationship is not as new or if he just doesn't give a f*ck about it. Who knows. Anyway, we had a fun and fabulous time and now we are back in Brooklyn and it is rainy and yucky and dreary. My chef husband has been influenced by our holiday and has decided to make his daily schedule imitate the European schedule (9-12, siesta, 4-12). Today he tried it and didn't exactly make it. He left at 9, came back at 2.30 and then left a 4. I think I would rather have him all morning.