If you have children and live in NYC you figure out which restaurants are child-friendly mainly by the hi-chair method. If a restaurant has hi-chairs, they are usually pretty cool about child diners. However that rule does not always apply. For example, yesterday, we (hubs, baby, & myself) went into Manhattan to put some of our stuff in storage. After we did that we thought we would peruse on down to the village grab a bite and maybe do a little shopping. After an hour and a half of UN traffic we made it to Bleeker Street. We stopped at five different restaurants all to find that they did not have hi-chairs. Finally Jon saw a restaurant called AOC, that he had apparently always wanted to eat at. We went in, they had hi-chairs, we sat down. As soon as this occurred we began to get the silent treatment from the server/manager/host. He was French, so we attributed his attitude to that. However we noticed that he was unbelievably ecstatic talking to every other customer around us. Now Catcher is pretty damn good in restaurants plus he is hella cute and flirts with any lady in sight. He was cool yesterday however the restaurant was not. We were basically treated like we had the plague. Our s/m/h talked down to me at every chance he got and when the bill came and I handed him my card, he used it to underline 'Amex Only.' Can you say asshole? The whole point being, DON'T have hi-chairs unless you are going to treat families the same way you treat the casual urban hipster or suit. Don't ignore us and not give us bread. Don't smile at everyone else in the restaurant and do not talk to me like I am an uneducated freak.