When I was single and lived in NYC pre-baby, I used to take Vito to Tompkins Square Park. On one of these occasions I happened to sit down next to a man who had a starring role in a popular horror flick. I always thought he was hot but when he started talking to me I kind of thought he may be a heroin addict. After at least ten minutes of chatting he asked me if I wanted to hang out. At this point I was pretty heavily 'involved' with Jonathon. I said sure, got his digits, gave him mine, and said I would call. Well I never called. He called twice and left me a message and I didn't call back. Although Jon and I weren't officially in a relationship, we were definitely doing things that people in relationships do. The whole point of this blubber: I just turned on the tube and whose face do I say starring in his new show. That's right, Mr. Tompkins Square Dog Park Guy, looking damn good. Who knows what would've happened had I not been in the process of falling in love with Jon. I maybe the wife of a TV actor who repeatedly gets cheated on or I may have started dating him and picked up an H habit. J/K!