Yesterday the family and I went upstate to Minneswaka State Park and Lake. It was amazing and a much needed break from the chaos of NYC. As we entered the park there was this huge sign proclaiming 'DO NOT PICK THE MUSHROOMS, Protected by NY State Environmental Fund.' That was enough for Jon. He was the happiest I have seen him in ages. As we hiked the trail he found many different species? of shrooms. He found one that he became obsessed about called the 'Hen of the Woods.' It is the first mushroom picture on this post, apparently it is worth like $20 /lb. I took pictures of all the mushrooms we saw because I knew my love would appreciate it, especially since I can't stand mushrooms, even the crazy ones. We had a great time and the park was so awesome. Check out Catcher Crazy Face for pics of our apple picking and pumpking picking after the hike.