Today I made fried green tomato's for din-din. I have to admit they were quite yummy. Although I strayed away from the recipe because I did not have any saltines, I used cheese crackers instead. I think that may be why they were so good. Catcher loved them too, he was running around the living room holding two slices chasing Potato and Vito. It was really funny. Earlier in the day, C & I went into Manhattan to see Jon (now that we aren't working on Sat). We walked around the market, bought some veggies & juice, played at the playground, went to PetCo, and then walked to Housing Works, (this bad ass thrift store in Gramercy). It was the first time being in the city that I actually felt like a family. Usually our time is never spent doing mundane errands because we have so little of it together. We always plan out time and do some kind of activity. I really enjoyed our day. I hope that on our Saturday's we may be able to do the same thing. It really changes my outlook on the week to come. Plus it helps me get thru the downer days (Thurs-Sun when Jon is at work 15 hrs/day).