Jon and I carved pumpkins tonight. Actually Jon cleaned all the gunk out and I carved them. Catcher helped too even though he seemed a bit scared of the big one. He kept trying to lift it and carry it around the room. He is so awesome. Sometimes I want him to stay up all night and hang out with me. Anyway, last night Jon & I went out on our first date since we have been back in the city. We found a babysitter, met her, interviewed her, and hired her for an incredible deal of $15/hr. Isn't that unreal? When I babysat I made $2.00/hr. Seriously, times have f'ng changed. And the crazy thing is all she does is watch the house, the boy was already asleep when we left. But it was really great to get out of the house and actually put on make up and heels. We had a smaller dinner at Blue Ribbon and then went to this bocce ball bar called Union Hall. It was cool but after about five minutes of checking the place out we totally realized it was a nerd bar. Everyone there was a big nerd, glasses and all. It was so weird I have never been in one place were everybody in it is a total dork. Jon said that the only people who play bocce ball are old people and nerds. I guess I am a nerd because I used to play bocce all the time at family parties. Makes sense, I do wear glasses.