Sometimes when I am in a mood I dream of the days when I had a job and I was on my own. Sometimes I think that I would like to go back to work. Then I am reminded why I stay home with my son. I am reminded that I want to raise him. I do not want some Nigerian woman raising my son like 90% of the families in Park Slope. Here is why. I have had two very awful dealings with nannies at the grocery store. Here are my stories.
the narrow aisles I decided to put my basket up front (it was way heavy) and just gather what I needed and make passes to the basket. As I am finishing I get my basket and head to the check-out. When I arrive at the check-out I begin to put my items on the belt. Now mind you, I One day, Catcher & I were at the grocery. He was in the Maclaren and I was with basket. As we weaved thruhave a very anxious and easily bored 16 month old in my stroller. He is getting cranky and he is ready to get the hell out. Well out of nowhere this lady comes up to me (child in stroller as well) and tells me she was ahead of me, "don't I see her bread on the belt?" She was nowhere around when I started unloading my shit, but whatever I was in a good mood so I let her go. She had about 5 things, I had like 30. The lady starts to get rung up and then decides she needs deodorant. She goes over to the beauty counter and starts to peruse through the different deodorants. Well, while she is taking her damned time, my son decides that he is going to blow. Her starts yelling and whining. Five minutes have passed and she finally comes back. She looks at me and mumbles 'sorry', then she starts yelling at the child she is taking care of because she too is sick of waiting for this lady. And she's not just talking in a quiet voice, she is angrily telling this kid to shut-up. I think that is the part that appalled me the most. Here you are getting paid a ridiculous amount of cash to watch some New Yorkers kid and your screaming at them because you were taking your good 'ol time in the market and they are sick of being in a stroller. Completely unbelievable.
My second experience was pretty much the same exact experience except this lady had paid for her items but was saving a spot in line for her nanny friend. Her friend never showed by the time it was my turn so she decided to cut in front of me and pay for the items. Whatever, at this point it's only 3 things so I don't care. But then she starts yelling at the cashier about the price of her genetically engineered turkey. Now I am pissed. I have had enough of the woman bitching, especially in front of the child they are caring for. Doesn't set a very good example does it? So I look at my own son and I decide that it is not worth making a scene. The poor clerk is looking at me the whole time rolling and trying to apologize with her eyes. The kid that the nanny was watching was my son's age. It made me so glad that I don't put him in the care of another.
The moral of my story is that while I would love some free time or alone time I would never entrust my boy in the full time care of another. Why would I even have a child if I wanted someone else to raise him? A child is not an accessory. A child is a full time job and for those of you allowing a nanny to raise your child full time, I feel sorry for you. I am not one to pass judgement, I know there are many single parents who must work. In my neighborhood that is not the case. I would say the majority of parents are full time workers and minimal time parents. I mean when I go out during the day, all I see are nannies. I have not met ONE mother during the day in almost six months. Wow.