Sorry about my bullshit posts. I have been in Cleveland for the past three days and I have barely had a chance to sit down. I think on average I have had about three hours a night sleep. It was a whirlwind trip and now it is over, thank the lord. It's too much for me to try and squeeze in and I am husbandless so it's all on me. Let me break it down for you.

Thursday: Leave NYC Arrive North Royalton, Ohio

Friday: Wake Up Get car fixed

1.30pm Hair In Laws My Parents Catcher Bedtime

9.30pm Dinner @ Lola Arrive @ My Parents, Sleep

Saturday: Wake Up Target, Halloween Wig Shopping

2.30pm Catcher Nap

3.30pm Cafe Siam with my parents, Jon's parents, cousins, great grandma, uncle john, Jon's brother & sister-in-law, chicken heads, & fish with tumors. Pick up my fantastic newly sodered wedding ring. Amanda's house

7.30pm Candice's Halloween Party, Heavy intoxication due to giant bucket of Sangria Go to bar, decide to loady, take Amanda home, head to Sawyers.

2.30am Try to unlock the door, not happening, call husband, make him call his parents to let me in. Not embarrassing at all by the way.

Sunday Wake Up! Yes I actually got to sleep in-thank you in laws!!! Go pick up Amanda Head to Denise's Baby Shower with awesome Pottery Barn Kids Tye Dye Crib Set Leave shower feeling like death. Arrive at Strongsville Rotary Clambake.

6.30pm Leave clambake starving because food took so damn long and the boy was getting crazy. Come back to my parent's, put the boy down, pack, wax eyebrows. Watch the Simpson's' Halloween Spectacular-

It's 8 right now so I gotta go chillax for a second and watch The Simpsons with my husband via phone. Enjoy the pix.