I Lurve Bikram

I just got home from my very first Bikram Yoga class and I feel incredible. I actually feel somewhat high. It may be from the fact that I just did yoga for 90 minutes in a heated room with a temperature over 100 degrees or it may be the fact that my fat a@* hasn't worked out in like five years. It was really really intense and I think I may have made a friend too. Very cool. When I first got there (20 minutes early) I noticed that pretty much everyone was in very little clothing. I mean the boys were in tight boxer briefs and the ladies in sports bra and short shorts. I however, wore long leggings and a wife beater because I am really self conscious about my belly. The girl at the desk told me to take my time and relax during class if I needed too. She pointed me in the direction of the class and I went in and got set up. The class to me was strange, obviously I had never heard of the heated room, & the teacher doesn't do the poses, she just 'guides' them. After what seemed like 3 hours I noticed that only a half an hour had passed. Once my mind got ahold of this I noticed the class became extremely difficult for me. I was feeling light headed and was having trouble doing some of the poses. The 'guide' told me that it was most important to just stay in the room. So I did. I probable sat down a total of 5 times for like one minute each time. I sweat like a banshee. I mean sweat was coming out of my eyeballs. By the time the class was coming to a close, my clothes started to come off. There really is no point in wearing a soaking wet shirt. Tomorrow I will be wearing a bra & shorts. Yes that's right I am going back tomorrow @ 7am. I am going to get my self back in shape no matter what. I am so sick of hating my body. I want to love it and be proud of her again! And no this has nothing to do with the fact that I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me I was at least 15 lbs. overweight if not more. Aaaahhhhh!!!