I need a babysitter bad and the only one I know is busy. Next Tuesday, Rachel Ray will be filming at Jon's restaurant and they need 'filler' of friends and family to 'fill' Parea out. Not cool. In other news, the fam will be heading back to S-Ville for Turkey Day. I am actually not a big fan of Thanksgiving. I think it is quite awful that we as a whole (USA) conveniently sugarcoat the past for our own benefit and absolution. My son is definitely going to know the entire Thanksgiving story, not just the Charlie Brown one. Plus I hate turkey and those orange god d@*n potatoes with marshmallows on top, Yucky! The only thing I really like about Thanksgiving is the mini high school reunion that happens at the local watering hole where we can check out how fat everybody got and if the town drunkard is still drunk-. Good times.

Is this a joke?