Remember when we had the apartment fire? It was in June, right around the time I started this blog. Well, the hubs and I called the city for an electrical inspection after it happened just to make sure our apartment was up to code. Well the inspectors came on Halloween, that's right, a whole 4 months later. Anyway, they found oodles and oodles of problems with the pad. They told us our landlord was not going to be happy and boy were they right. Our landlord (who is hella shady and really wants to keep our $5000 deposit) called us today and told us that we had to make all the corrections to our apartment or he would take us to court. Let the battle begin. We immediately called our lawyer friend and he told us to call him back and give him our lawyer's phone number. When the hubs did this, issue squashed. He is such a blowhard. But now, we may have to take action because he insinuated that the repairs and code was never going to be fixed. The main concern I have is the lack of window guards. We have huge windows and no bars on the outside of them to prevent falls. The boy is getting big enough and smart enough where the lack of window guards could be a real danger. NYC state law requires the LANDLORD to install them if there is a child under 6. There is, he's not.