The past couple of days have been rough. Our landlord is giving us s@#t, Catcher is extremely 'spirited' (I refuse to say BAD), I have had a constant bloody nose for almost two weeks (thanks steam heat), and I have literally had a headache for almost 48 hours. Hopefully things will start to get better when we drive back to Ohio tomorrow. Speaking of Ohio, Go Bucks! I don't really want to go home, the drive is not enticing. I think we should have just stayed in the city. I think we may plan on a Christmas celebration in New York. It is just so much hassle getting the boy, the dogs, the husband, and myself all ready for a 3 day trip, 14 hours being in the car.
P.S. It is the one year anniversary of Jon's fabulous marriage proposal on the most deserted, southern most
beach in Key West. I love you baby.