I am going to freakin' die. Today has been a tough one and I keep getting these god awful headaches. I don't know if it's from stress, travel, or the boy's outlandish temper tantrums. All I know is I want them gone.
We are back in Brooklyn now, just in time for the beginning of New York Christmas Season. I adore the city this time of year and I am making a promise to myself and you that the boy, husband, & I are going to participate in everything we possible can. I was to go see the lighted tree at Rockefeller Center, I want to take CCF to FAO Schwartz, I want to go to Bloomies & Macy's, and I want to go ice skating in Central Park. I want to be a tourist all the way up till Christmas. I love the anticipation of the season. I absolutely can't stand the actually holiday but the anticipation, that's where it's at. I am really excited for my baby boy. I want him to have the most illustrious holiday that a 18 month old possibly can.
Well apparently blogging gets rid of bad ass headaches. Good to know.