The weekends are the hardest part of being married to a working Executive Chef. I find myself not being able to go to sleep without him but having an extremely hard time waiting up till 2am. How funny is that? I, have a hard time staying up till 2 am. There was a time where I would have laughed hysterically at that. I used to go out at 2 am.

He has been taking a way better schedule lately. I feel like we are rejuvenated again. We are back in sync, he knows what I need, I know what he needs. This marriage is hard but it's fucking worth it when it's good. Because when it's good it is the best thing I have ever experienced. It's like nothing matters except our little family. I love it when its good. Now I just need to get some friends.

I guess the 'friend' issue is always on my mind. It's hard to make new friends especially if you have had the same friends for 10+ years. In college, I only made 1 girlfriend. That's right 1. After college, when I first lived in NYC, I made 1 more girlfriend. So I'm pretty much averaging 1 friend for every four years. I think I have one more year left until I can add a new friend to the list. I am so lame.

What am I going to do tonight? Maybe a bath and a book...