I have been listening to this Ani DiFranco concert for the past hour and boy does it bring me back. Whenever I listen to Ani these days it is like a time machine. I become the girl I used to be. The girl who would spend all her money at a ticket broker for front row seats to her show. The girl who would pit wires in her hair to turn them into Medusa curls. The girl who would go with her best friend to the candle store and pick out the perfect one for Miss D. The girl who worked for RBR while she lived in Italy. It's amazing how music can mold you into the person you are. When I started listening to Ani I was in high school. She changed my life and influenced who I was. Her music spoke volumes to me and every show I went to I treasured dearly. She has been a constant in my life hence forth. Whenever I need a reminder of that inner independence I have always been so proud of I flip on Ani DiFranco.
It's actually kind of funny that she is still in my life especially now that I am married to Jonathon. I remember when we were in high school, he was off to a Phish show while I was rocking out at an Ani show. He used to hate listening to her. Now not so much. On our road trips he lets me get a few of my fave's in before he tunes out.
I would like to share this great show with all of my two readers...:) It will change your life. Just make sure you've got an hour to let pass by because you won't be able to turn it off.