I could possibly be the worst mother (besides Britney) on the face of this earth. I do some stupid things sometimes. For example, yesterday we had big day of holiday hurrah planned for the boy. We decided to go to Bloomingdale's to see Santa. We get on the Q and head into the city. Being the most intelligent woman in the world I decide that it is a good time to trim my son's fingernails. They are totally nasty and he's strapped in the stroller, so what bad could happen? You guessed it~ I missed a nail and clipped the skin on my baby boy's thumb. All hell broke loose. Blood started going everywhere and C started screaming. Jon picked him up all the time blood is spurting all over his tuxedo shirt. Everyone on the train is looking at me like 'why the f would you clip your child's nails on a subway?' I'm an idiot that's why. So the day started off bad. We had to get off at 34th instead of 59th, so we ended up going to Macy's. Then we were starving, and being extremely unfamiliar with midtown we ended up eating at this super pricey steakhouse. We eventually got to FAO Schwartz which is where we really wanted to go but by that time we were so exhausted all we could do is go home. I suck. Oh and we never saw Santa or made it to Bloomingdales. We did see three Rolls Royce's though.