Sometimes I think that the man I married doesn't know me at all. He really doesn't seem to be able to read me or my emotions. Is that a man-woman thing or is it a relationship thing? How can someone who I have vowed to live and love for the rest of my life walk out the door thinking that everything is fine? WTF? For the most part I know he gets me. He understands my insanity, he complies with my crazy logic, and he loves me no matter what. He just can't see when I am sad. And right now, I am sad, I am sad because I am not going home for Christmas. First year ever, even when I lived in Italia I made it home for the holidays.
He just left for work and was on his phone with his mom (who were spending the holidays with) and it really depressed me. He didn't even see it, he just walked out the door and went to work for the next 28 hours. At least I have the little guy to hang out with today.
Yesterday we went to Target and it was a g*d damn madhouse. It was at least 80 degrees and there were about 6 checkout lanes open and 30 people in each checkout lane. Mass chaos ensued and once we finally got out and walked home, I realized I didn't even get what I went there to buy. Now I am headed back this afternoon to brave the crowds.