The family is back from the holidays now and I will resume writing as of now. We had a fun and fantabulous Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & mini vaca in Hershey, Pa. Christmas turned out to be a super sick day for me. I had begun to feel shitty the night before and Christmas morning I woke up feeling awful. Catcher, on the other hand, had a blast opening presents. He was so serious with each one. He took meticulous care with the paper and then once the present was open he would gently place it on the bureau where the other presents were. He didn't crack a smile or say a word for two hours. He is so silly. He got a lot of great gifts from a lot of great people.
Here is a breakdown of some of the items Catcher received on Christmas morn, not from Santa:

  • 1500 Lincoln Logs
  • Vintage Radio Flyer PushCar
  • Bath Drums, Bath Fishing Rod Set, Bath Roadways, Bath Sink (Someone loves his bath)
  • Mittens, mittens, & more mittens
  • We Sing Italian Kids Songs
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Easel
  • Paints, Markers, Crayons, Chalk
  • Books, like 20 of them
  • New Booster Seat
  • Clothes, not limited to but including as Boater's sweatshirt
  • Subscription to Maxim (starting him early...j/k)

I would have to say that his favorite gift was from his mommy & daddy, a vintage Radio Flyer push car. His eyes lit up when he saw it and present opening was put on the back burner. He had to play on it and then when he found out there was a bell, it was all over. Christmas was done and the playtime had begun.
Mommy was a happy camper too...Daddy got her this bad ass Gucci ring, Flowerbomb & Narciso Rodriguez parfum spray, a beautiful locket with pictures of my boys, a plethora of oil paints, Bikram yoga gift card, & a knitting class.

The husband didn't make out so bad tattoo, ipod, undies, bluetooth headset~