It is so cold outside today. Just when I thought we might skip over winter. Bummer. Being back in New York has been great so far, however I am starting to freak out about being inside constantly. I think that I am going to sign Catcher up for swim classes. They are pretty cheap, compared to his Gymboree & Conservatory classes. It would get us out of the house and I will pretty much pay anything for that. The husband is thinking about doing a couple consulting jobs which would be great and not so great. He would make good $$$ upfront which we desperately need because we overspent at Christmas and went crazy in Florida. The downisde would be his hours. He would be working double for the most part and I would really not be seeing him at all except for his days off. Guess it just means I'll start painting again.

Speaking of painting, Jon, Catch, & I visited the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersuburg, we were amazed and I was humbled. I have been there quite a few times, he has never, yet the museum had changed so much that I felt like I had never stepped foot in the place. It was awesome seeing his four masterpieces up close and personal, but the really great part was all his other works up close. His brush work was so detailed, small, and articulate that it is hard to believe it was created by a man. Jon actually saw a print that he thinks he is going to turn into a tattoo.

Update! I just searched for a pic of what he wants and I found that it was used on The Descent (awesome!!!!!) movie poster. Hmmm, wonder if he will still want it. It's kind of strange that we watched The Descent a couple days before The Dali Museum. BTW, The Descent is the best movie I have seen since Thank You For Smoking. If you like scary f'ng movies, The Descent is for you!