x. Slept in your bed: Potato & Vito
x.Had you sleep in their bed? Their bed is our bed
x. Saw you cry: Jon
x. Made you cry: My Dad
x. You shared a drink with: Jon
x. You went to the movies: Jon
x. You went to the mall with: Amanda & Bo a long time ago...
x. Yelled at you: Catcher
x. Sent you an email: My Dad


x. Have you ever liked someone who hadn't like you?: Sure
x. Said "I Love You" and meant it? Everyday
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: no
x. Been to California: Yes
x. Been to Hawaii: No
x. Been to Mexico: Yes
x. Been to China: No but I'd like to go
x. Been to Canada: Yes
x. Danced naked: Usually clothed but everyday with Catcher
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day?: All the time, in fact I just called my grandpa regarding a dream I had about him two nights ago
x. Do you have a crush on someone: My husband
x. What book are you reading now: I wish I could say that I had time to read, I got the new Vonnegut for Christmas but haven't had a moment to start it, maybe I should read instead of doing this garbage
x. Worst feeling in the world: Helplessness
x. Future son's name: Not that far ahead yet...I really like Roark
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Sometimes if the boy leaves 'em in the bed
x. What's under your bed: Tons of leftover wedding invitations that I can't bear to throw out cuz they are to awesome
x. Favorite sport to watch: Snowboarding or Surfing
x. Siblings: Andy, Matt, & Jon
x. Location: Home
x. College plans: None, although I am thinking about taking a painting class
x. boyfriend/girlfriend: I am married to my boyfriend


x. Do you do drugs: No
x. Do you drink: Wine or Vodka
x. What are you most scared of: Our government and the future of our democracy
x. Where do you want to get married: If I had to do it again, on my family's farm in Italy with chickens running around like crazy.
x. Who do you really hate: Not a big fan of GWB but I can honestly say I do not believe in hate in a shape in any form...
x. Been in Love: Yes Yes Yes
x. Do you drive: Yes
x. Do you have a job: Hells Yeah, hardest job I've ever had in my entire life
x. Do you like being around people: Some people, my friends, my fam, my hubs...


x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: Yeah..def
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go for? I used to go for substance I just go for one type: Executive Chef, Wine Drinker, Looks Kinda like Ewan McGregor when his beard is grown in.
x. Want someone you don't have right now: Nope
x. Are you lonely right now: Yes...Jonny's opening a new restaurant in Brooklyn and I have seen him for like three hours this week.
x. Song thats sticks in your head a lot: Stupid Noggin songs
x. Do you want to get married: Already am
x. Do you want kids: I have one...maybe another sometime


x. Room in house: My living room is awesome, I have a wall of 15 ft high windows that look out into Park Slope. Not so bad for $2500/month
x. music: Math Rock
x. Band(s): Too many to list...
x. Color: Blue
x. Perfume or cologne?:Narcisso Rodriguez
x. Month: June
x. Stone: Crab YUMMM


x. Cried: A little
x. Bought something: Yes last thing I bought was sushi and I am about to buy some right now for din din
x. Gotten sick: Nope
x. Sang: Italian Kiddie Songs today with the boy
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: Yes and I did!
x. Met someone new: Yes...those Chefs at the event I went to on Monday...Tom Colichio, etc...
x. Missed someone: Every day I miss AMK and my dad and bro and grandpa and grandmama
x. Hugged someone: Vito gets all my huggin
x. Kissed someone: Yes Catch Jon Vito Potato


Foods: Jonathon's
girls name: Lake
Boys names: Catcher, Orsen, & Roark
Subjects in school: Art
Animals: Doggies...pitbulls

H A V E Y O U E V E R ????

Given anyone a bath? Every Night
Smoked?: Yes luckily I have been able to quit!
Bungee jumped?: Not a fucking chance
Made yourself throw up?: Yes, in college, I had some rough days...
Ever been in love?: Yes, didn't really know what love was until I reconnected with my husband...
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Many times
Cried when someone died? Hysterically
Fallen for your best friend?: At one point in time I thought I had feelings for him but now that I look back on it...
Done something you regret?: Yep

W H O D O Y O U W A N N A???

Kill?: No one
Slap?: Sometimes I like to slap JS around...j/k...i kid...i kid
Get really wasted with?: I love getting wasted with Amanda, Candice too, they both get ultra cute and AK gets a baby voice and CCC gets super lovey...I miss my ladies!!!
Sex it up with: Jon


In the morning I: drink coffee, feed the boy, get ready for the day
I dream about: sex
Playing with: my computer
What do you notice first in the opposite sex? Face or Eyes

W H O???

Makes you laugh the most: Jon cracks me up when he gets going
Makes you smile: My baby Boy

D O Y O U E V E R ??

Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Not a fucking chance. I don't even know what the f im is.
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: No
Wish you were younger: I wish my body was younger
Cried because someone said something to you?: Sure, what girl hasn't especially in high school.