Things have been a little jumpy lately. The weather, the passing of the holidays, my weight...Somehow I have managed to gain roughly 6 lbs. It fluctuates on a daily basis however the average is definitely around 6. Gaining weight when you already consider yourself a fat ass is super depressing. Having your husband tell you that you look the same is even more depressing. I know that people can tell I have gained weight, when I went to Jonathon's restaurant the other night, certain people gave me a once over then a double take. Luckily I was a bit intoxicated so I paid no mind.
The thing is...I want to lose weight and I want to continue doing Bikram yoga, I just don't have a chance at the moment. Jon has pretty much been working at both restaurants, The Brooklyn Burger Bar & Parea, so I have seen him about two hours a day. Yoga is an hour and a half so I'm not quite sure how I could fit it in. Hopefully the BBB will be up and running smoothly by the end of this week. Next Sunday Jon is going to New Orleans to meet some restaurant investors who want to start a French restaurant. I have made plans to head back to Cleveland the day he flies out. Hopefully when we both get back from our respected trips his schedule will be more relaxed and I will have some more free time. Being with an 18 month old crazy active toddler 24-7 can make a Chef's Widow go mad!
Although I adore it for the most part~~~~
even when he is throwing a major tantrum on the middle of the sidewalk on Seventh Ave.