Sorry I am lame and I keep posting these bullshit about me things. I just am trying to spend some to with hubby as we have not seen each other in weeks. The pic is from our fabulous brunch this morning at Bubby's in Dumbo. How cute is the boy in that third strip? How much do Jon & I look like serial killers?

1. I love... Catcher & Jon & Potato & Vito
2. Right now I want... a chocolate malt
3. I feel like... watching V is for Vendetta
4. I hate it when... it is fucking freezing in the city
5. I fear... that my husband is way to stressed out
6. I'm lonely without... my love, my boy, my doggies, & my ladies
7. I need... to make out
8. Today I... had brunch with Jon's cousin, his fiancee, and the boy
9. Tomorrow I'm... blogging, cleaning, spending time with my husband
10. I just want... more time with my family, the new Marc Jacobs bag, & a tummy tuck
11. I want to meet... ewan mcgregor or kurt vonnegut
12. I'm hungry for... some luvin:)
13. I love it when... when it rains when the sun is shining
14. I'm afraid of... flying
15. I'm listening to... sinead o'connor
16. I'm wearing... sailor jerry wife beater, hudson jeans
17. I wish I was in... St. Barths
18. I'm craving... another vodka soda
19. I want to get... stuff
20. I can... put my legs behind my head
21. I can't... do my own taxes
22. I have... a really fat dog named Vito
23. I haven't... chopped off my arm
24. I'm nervous about... the future of our country
25. My Mom thinks I... ruined her marriage
26. My Dad thinks I... am fat
27. I think... my parents fucked me up
28. I'm happy when... my husband works 80 hours a week instead of 100
29. I'm sad when... my husband works 100 hours a week
30. I like eating... braised pork shank and crispy brussels with cheddar and pecorino
31. I hate eating... junk food or fast food
32. I love watching tv... in bed at night with Potato's hot belly making me warm.
33. I love listening to... my son ramble on in the am before I get him outta bed
34. I like playing... drinking Trivial Pursuit w/ Mikey, Jon, & Amanda.
35. I hate waking up to... no one
36. I can see...this god damn computer screen
37. I'm glad that... I went to Brunch with hubby this morning
38. I'm disappointed that... Ohio State lost two weeks ago
39. I look like... a sexy momma
40. I wish I looked like... My head, Jessica Biel's body