Yesterday was a bit ridiculous even for our unlucky family. The husband was off and we were going to spend the day at a museum. At 10 am the power went off. This is something that has happened before. We live above arestaurant and their breaker is connected to ours, so no big deal right? Wrong. We called the landlord (he blew us off), then we called ConEd. ConEd informed us that we had actually not been paying the right electric bill so they shut off our service. WTF? Seriously what the hell does that mean? Well according to Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Johnston, Ms. Smith, and Mrs. Singleton it means that our aprtment has two electrical meters and we had only been paying one. We were never told of this other 'mysterious' meter however it was our FAULT. We were trying to cheat that poor defensless company called ConEd. We were told by these women that someone would fix the problem by 8pm. Really? 8pm? Ten hours from our first phone call.
We waited. We stole power. We watched Lord of the Rings extended version. We set up candles just in case they were really going to show up at 8pm. And then...the power went out again. This time in our entire building. The heat soon followed and the hot water was next. It was 4pm and getting darker and colder by each passing second.
We called our landlord. He blamed it on us. Yep it is definately our fault that your building has shitty wiring that has caused TWO electrical fires in the past year. He is such an asshole. I mean he is getting $2500/month for our silly little apartment. It's not rent controlled and I am sure he has owned the building for forty years. He is banking. Some money into this crapshack wouldn't hurt.
Finally 8pm rolled around and still no power. The husband was getting angry and called ConEd for the last time. He actually spoke to a woman who had not sold her soul to Satan and she walked us thru and assured us that it would be turned on. It was turn on in five minutes.
Needless to say, our date night fell through, although hopefully Jon & I will be able to go out on Sunday night.
To sum it all up:

  • I hate my landlord, I should say Slumlord but his Gucci shoes throw me off every time.
  • I hate ConEd. The people who work there should be forced to woprk outside during the winter months. Maybe then would they show some compassion.
  • I need to move out of NYC. I think I need to live in the 'burbs. I know I will be bored but this is getting ridiculous.
  • I am obsessed with Law & Order:CI~ we watched so much TV yesterday (when we stole power) and the CI was the best. I love Bobby Gorin!
  • I am a goober.
  • I am so sick and only want to sleep right now but I feel like I am a terrible mamma.