I have been miserably sick all week and I think I am just getting worse. I could have never imagined how hard it is to be a stay at home mom to a 19 month old boy and be seriously ill. Today the husband went into work late so he could take Catcher to his first Brooklyn Conservatory Musical Adventures class and I could try and sleep. I did but sleeping seems to make me feel shittier.
After the husband left for work (around 2pm) the TV turned on. Mom laid on the couch and the boy watched TV. The guilt I felt is overwhelming. I hate having Catcher watch TV especially cuz he is so good at it. He just sits in his inflatable chair and spaces out.
I am a TV Nazi around our house and I am constantly freaking out on Jon when he has the TV on as background noise. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT one of those parents who doesn't allow TV. I do allow it. I just limit the time it is on when he is awake. He is also only allowed to watch a handful of shows that include Sesame Street, Zooboomafoo, Barney (the kid loves to dance), and The Backyardigans (with dad).
So being sick has made me feel like a crappy mother. I still did some stuff with him today but for the most part I am so weak that reading books was our only together time. We did watch 2 episodes of Sesame Street together and I realized and questioned some things.

  • Sesame Street reuses the material that I used to watch when I was a wee one.
  • How much work has Maria had done? She looks like she's the same age as when I used to watch. Mr. Hooper on the other hand doesn't.
  • When did Oscar move into the trash can with an elephant. Are they married or just roomies?
  • Sesame Street is totally filmed in my neighborhood and the park in the opening song is Prospect Park which was our deciding factor in moving to Park Slope.
  • If I watch Sesame Street, I sing Elmo's world all day long. In fact I am singing it right now and my brain is saying 'Stop!!!!'

In conclusion I will leave with you a clip of Dave Chapelle breaking Sesame Street down. It's funny as hell so enjoy!