I cannot believe how big my baby boy is getting. Yesterday I took him to get his first haircut, which he HATED. He ended up with a cross between a mullet and a mohawk. I just couldn't bring myself to cut off his curls.
When I look at him I realize just how fast time with him is going to pass for me. It seems that everyday when I wake up I meet a different boy, a smarter boy, a bigger boy, a sillier and sarcastic boy.
I feel like crying sometimes because I will never have my little baby back but the evolution of Catcher is so amazing to watch in wonder.
Sometimes I have a hard time with being a stay at home mom. These times usually are caused by lack of seeing my husband or I am deathly ill. Other than those particular times I cannot imagine doing anything else.
I am so FORTUNATE to be able to stay home everyday with Catcher. I am so FORTUNATE to be able to actively participate in his life and his learning.

Who would have ever thought that I, once a wild party girl who could out drink pretty much anyone in the room, would absolutely love raising a child and running a household?

I guess what I absolutely love about staying home is that I am witness to his growth and the expansion of his mind and it gives me a certain sense of accomplishment. Everything I do somehow, someway affects him and shapes him. It is so much responsibility but for once in my life I feel like I have no problem taking it on.

I just can't believe this kid is spitting out sentences like there is no tomorrow. I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic today.
It seems as if when they cut off his hair they cut off his babyhood. He is no longer my little baby, he is now my big boy who uses real forks and can put his own jacket on.