To My Incredibly Awesome Hubby,

I feel like I should express my love to you today, not because Hallmark is shoving a Valentine card down my throat but because Cupid has just shot an arrow into my voluptuous booty.

We always say that we have been together for ten years with a six year break and I absolutely love it. It does feel like that doesn't it? No matter how long or how short that break was we were always in each others lives. Whether we talked on the phone everyday or we saw each other once a year at the Annual Sawyer Christmas Extravaganza you and I never lost touch or faded as friends.

Now I am your wife and I must tell you that I feel like I was put on this Earth to find you. I know that has a high cheese factor but it is the ultimate truth. I feel like I have finally grown into the woman I was always meant to be and I am most definitely sure that I could not have done that without your love and constant support of me and our family. You are such an amazing man to be with. You blow the rest of them away.

Who would have ever thought that in high school as we got stoned at The Enchanted Forest, we would end up hitched with child & doggies? It's quite fantastic the way life turns out sometimes. Life is such a mystery but when a part of it is solved, that's it, your done for. When you and I eventually fell in love all over again it was like a part of my life that I had been longing for appeared. Suddenly I knew what I was looking for but no longer needed to look. This probably doesn't make much sense. I guess I am just trying to explain that what I feel for you is something so extreme and powerful, sometimes when I think about it I can't help but think it is not really real. It is something that I have never felt for anyone else. It is a feeling that I am not sure most people ever get to experience. Although I may not deserve what I feel I am so so so so thankful for it.

I love you Jonathon and not just the bullshit relationship meaning of love. I mean I absolutely love you. I can't stand the thought of you loving anyone but me. When you are gone I am insane. We know this. The paintings tell of it. When you are here sometimes I want to eat you and sometimes I want to kill you. But it is all a form of the most ridiculous love that one human being can feel for another. So that is it. My Valentines to you. The man that taught me what 'I love you' actually means.

PS I love your new haircut, you look dead sexy.
PPS I wish we could have come eat some of your fabulous Valentine's Day Dinner @ Parea.
PPS Come home soon to collect your presents...