You ever have one of those days where you really want to rip someone's head off? Or maybe you are a pacifist and you just want to get really drunk? Or maybe you are an ex-smoker and the only thing you want to do is go buy a pack of Camel Lights and smoke 'em up? No... well let me just tell you a little bit about my day from HELL.

It all started with the renters. You see instead of selling our house in Ohio when we moved back to NYC, we decided to rent it. We knew there was no way we could afford to buy in the city due to the outrageous prices, so we thought it would be smart to build up equity on what we actually own. When I rented the house out, I followed the advice of a real estate, she made us a contract, I check the credit of the renters and soon enough we had a deal. If I only knew what I know now. Long story short they are absolutely fucking mad. Mad in sense that they both should be locked up in a psych ward. Mad in a way that neither of them ever speak to each other. One will call about something and then the other will call about the exact opposite of what the first one called for. Mad like super crazy, I'm talking Britney Spears Shave Your Head Crazy.
So they decided after months of calling and bitching about numerous things ( i.e. oil on the wall? WTF? Seriously they called me to tell me that. Why don't you just wipe it off, if there is oil on the wall...), they let us know that they wanted to buy a house and would like to move out in February and pay rent until April. The lease was until June 1st. We accepted! We were so glad to be done with the hassle of it all.
Today I had to deal with getting the keys back and it was ridiculous. First they never called my real estate agent back. He was going to get the keys from them last night. Again LSS basically I spent the majority of my day (5 hours) going back and fucking forth with each of 'em and my real estate agent/friend who was doing us a favor by getting the keys. He finally got them but not without me getting three more voicemails which I refuse to listen to ever. Ever.

Glad to be done with all the bullshit I focused on making the boy dinner ( a fabulous green peeper & tomata salad & antibiotic free meatloaf) and then giving him a bath.

Our normal routine is as follows:

  • 6.30 Dinner
  • 7.00 Bath for C
  • 7.30 Teeth brushing & Book Reading
  • 8.00 Bedtime

Tonight our routine got a little bit off track when Catcher took a giant caca in the tub. It was not pretty and it did NOT smell good. Disgusted and already super stressed I decided to wash C in the sink and get to the poopy tub later. He went down @ 8 and I sat down with a glass of wine at 8.05. I started to type this stupid long boring post and I accidentally knocked over my full glass of red wine. The glass went absolutely everywhere. The red wine went onto my new rug and I cut myself.

As you can day has been shit. The only light in this dark day has been the fact that earlier in the day Catcher could not stop saying 'car ride.' He literally repeated for at least an hour. It was awesome as is he.

Hopefully tomorrow I will win the lottery or something. I am praying for some Karma.