I am back. Well now pretty much everybody knows that I have a baby in my belly. It is so weird though, this pregnancy is turning out to be way way different than the first. My mood swings have been insane. One minute I am sobbing at an episode of Wonderpets and the next minute I am yelling at my husband about how email works. WTF? I am also constantly craving brie & cigarettes. Yep, you heard it right, good old fags. I have no idea why I am craving my old addiction especially since Chef & I have been cigarette free since our honeymoon (Sep 06).

The brie cheese craving cannot be ignored. Yesterday the chef, catch, & i went to Blue Apron Foods & spent $40 on three different kinds of brie. Yummers.

I know if my dad ever read this blog, an immediate lecture on how fat the brie cheese was going to make me would most def ensue.

In other news, I just made Amy's Organic Cream of Tomato soup and it is hella gross. Stay away.