Thirteen Things You Need to Know About Potato & Vito

1. Vito licks feet at night right before we go to sleep. He worms his way under our comforter and takes turns licking the Chef & my feet.

2. Potato has a serious skin condition that cause him to eat his skin raw. It also causes us to spend thousands of dollars on treatment. Hi is the most expensive free dog ever.

3. Potato is faster than a cheetah if he spies a squirrel. I have never seen ANY dog run faster.

4. Vito hates everyone except me & the boy. On the street he will attack any dog he sees no matter how big or how scary. He just doesn't give a fuck.

5. Vito loves loves loves to bask in the sunlight. He gets all pig like and rolls over so the sun rays can hit his belly.

6. Vito has super STINK breath so he takes Burt's Bees Natural Dog Breath Freshener. Seriously he does.

7. Potato sleeps all day when he has no backyard to play in. He lays two inches from the heater and sleeps. He awakes when the Chef comes home.

8. Vito is in love with Potato but also hates him because he takes away my attention. One day I imagine Vito is going to figure out how to poison Potato so it can be all about him again.

9. Potato is the worst dog that I have ever walked on a leash. He is a puller and pretty much impossible to walk with Vito & the stroller.

10. Because of Potato's skin problem, he has to eat really expensive organic, holistic duck dog food. It costs $60/month.

11. Vito has never had one health problem.

12. Potato can carry three tennis balls in his mouth while swimming.

13. Vito & Catcher have an unspoken agreement. If the boy does not like the food he has received at mealtime, he drops it down to Vito. This is why Vito is a fat ass.