Wow it has been awhile since I have gotten a chance to post. No Monday Thursday Friday Film Fest!

We have had the sickness in our house. Actually not our house but at my in laws. You see, last Saturday night we drove back to Ohio to finalize some paperwork on the house and restaurant. Our plan was to stay until Wednesday morn.

Plans changed. Bigtime. Wednesday morning rolled around and the boy woke up with MASSIVE diarrhea and a case of the throw ups. Not awesome. We collectively decided NOT to drive 7-8 hours back to NYC until his sickness had cleared up. The Chef also came down with the sickness and they both spent the day in bed.

Thursday rolls around and the Chef decides to fly back to NYC and return to get us later on in the week so we could pack our apartment up and move back to Ohio. So confusing and ridiculous I know. But that is how we work. And we work well together.

Long story short, the boy ends up in the ER for dehydration Friday night. He spends all night hooked up to an IV (awful to watch by the way) and we wait for him to pee. Finally 3am we are discharged and my amazing in laws head up to the hospital so we don't have to drive by ourselves home. Wonderful...

Saturday morning. The sickness is back. This time it has struck the Chef's Widow. That's right I was on the toilet while puking in the bathtub from 7am-5pm. Honestly I have NEVER felt that bad. NEVER. When I was in college, I had a slight tendency to abuse alcohol, many times I would finish a fifth of Jack Daniels in one sitting. After those unbelievable nights that I barely remember I never felt as bad as I did on Saturday. Thank god again for my in laws. They took care of the boy, made me jello, bought me Gatorade, and even cleaned the room that I had polluted with my sickness after it was all over. I really married into the right family:)

That is all I have for now. Ciao Ciao.