Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I miss about NYC/Brooklyn

1. The way people dress. Apparently the Ohio 'uniform' consists of a striped polo shirt and khaki's no matter what sex you are.
2. Nannies yelling at kids. In NYC the nannies are the assholes to the kids. They were the ones who would yell or be inappropriate towards the kids in public. It was very sad but kind of expected. Not in Ohio, first off no one has nannies. Second, it is the mom screaming at her kids in a public library. Very impressive.
3. The pedestrian lifestyle. I have been back in Ohio and have barely made it to the curb to take the garbage out. So depressing. How am I going to get my daily dose of low impact cardio? Plus gas is ridiculous. I never realized how little money we spent on gas in NYC. We probably filled our tank 5 times in a year.
4. Target. I know, I know. There is Target in Cleveland. But it's not the same. Target in Brooklyn was hard core. The lines were long. The people were mean. The walk back (10 blocks) was tough especially loaded with a stroller, a child, and 10 filled bags barely hanging onto the stroller. But it was an adventure. A day at Target was like a day hiking in the Rocky Mountains.
5. Franny's. The best pizza on the planet.
6. Fresh Direct grocery delivery service. Check out the website if you've never been.
7. Brunch. Not that I can really enjoy the finer aspects (bloody mary) of brunch anymore. But still it's nice knowing that the option for a great Sunday meal is available. The only Brunch in Ohio is at Ponderosa.
8. The boy's Gymboree class. Silly isn't it? I never made one friend (besides the teacher) yet I miss it. It was so much fun watching him be crazy around all the stuffy parents and their uber cool kids.
9. Taking the boy to the garden at The Brooklyn Music Conservatory. Even in the dead of winter he would run up to the frozen fish pond and demand to know where the 'ishies' were.
10. My friend Meredith.
11. The Chef's days off. We always did something together as a family. Granted the Chef is still working in NYC (we are in The Hampton's as I type this) and we haven't really settled. I am sure that when we do, we will still have our family days.
12. Oshimi lunch special. 1 California Roll. 1 Spicy Tuna Roll. 1 Brooklyn Roll. 1 Miso Soup. 2 Pork Dumplings. Edamame. $7.95!
13. Riding my bike with the boy in Prospect Park. Although I only did this a handful of times I really loved it. We made it around the entire park and would stop and see the crazy geese. So much fun and the boy adored it. Even now if we walk past a bike he starts screaming 'mike, mike' and throws a massive tantrum.

Stay tuned for next week's TT..."13 Things I don't miss about NYC/Brooklyn"