Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I like about being back in Ohio

1. My mortgage is half of our NYC rent, neither of us are working so that works out really well.
2. Signing up for a gym membership that costs $300/yr not $300/month.
3. My dad.
4. Our families.
5. My backyard.
6. The library. Yes there are libraries in NYC but they are confusing and a pain in the ass b/c you have to walk and carry lotsa books.
7. I feel really really SKINNY. And I am prego. Lotsa fatties in Ohio. No offense if you are large.
8. Food is so cheap. Organic milk is the price of NYC pesticide infested milk.
9. The Metroparks. It's like Prospect Park & Central Park combined minus the cracked out homeless folks.
10. Pretty soon my Gpa will be up from FLA and I am a big fan of him. He lives in same town and he cracks me up constantly without ever trying.
11. The news. Seriously it is hilarious. It's like watching The National Enquirer, no Wacky World News. Everything is soooooooooooooo fabricated it's funny. New York news was so sad and disheartening. If someone was killed in NYC you wondered how another human could do something, but if someone is killed in Ohio you wonder why it had four eyes and a blue leg.
12. My bizatches. Especially my BFF. I have missed her greatly. She is my rock and boy does she know how to listen to my long winded ass.
13. Papa John's pizza. Haven't had it yet but that garlic butter sauce has been on my mind since we crossed the state line.