Thirteen Things That Make My Toddler Pyschotic

1. Not being able to eat cottage cheese for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.
2. Not being able to go outside during a massive thunder and lightening storm.
3. Mommy.
4. Daddy.
5. Vito kisses.
6. Getting the play dough taken away from him when he is smashing it into mommy's new shag rug.
7. Anything.
8. Nothing.
9. Not being allowed to which the national average of 4 hrs of TV a day.
10. Getting bubbles stuck to his fingers.
11. Not being allowed to stick things in his ears (like pink insulation from who the hell knows where?)
12. Putting food on his plate if it doesn't 'belong' there.
13. Stepping in wet grass even though he is the one that took his shoes off in the first place.