I would definitely have to say I am way more fulfilled being at home with the boy than I am at work. Now that I am back working part time, I feel like I a missing a part of my sons life. I enjoy being at work, sometimes I need the time away but I can tell you that when my day with Catcher rolls around I am a completely different women.
It is nice to get back into our daily routine even though it has changed drastically since the move. I love that he is so calm at the end of our fun filled day and I love that he chills out right before bed. I adore watching him while he sits in his playroom and reads himself books. I love talking him to the pool and seeing him trying so desperately to swim like the big kids (although I can def say I am not a fan of the 'moms'). These are the moments I am missing out on when I am at work and let me tell you each one counts. Each moment that I miss with him is a moment that I cannot get back. I hope soon things will start to come around and I will be able to stay home with him more than two days a week. Whoa. I can't believe I only have two days with him. Hold back those tears, mamma. There's no crying in baseball.