Things have been brewing with the Chef since we moved back to Ohio and yesterday they all boiled over. I knew that he has been unhappy. It's not hard to tell with him. He completely morphs into a different man when he is truly unhappy.

Most of you know the Chef and know what a great man he is. Seriously he is the fucking man. He treats people (all people) better than most people treat their own family. He treats his own family with such respect and dignity that some might think it's all an act. But it's not. He is just, that cool. He loves life and he makes people like me, who are totally cynical, love life just as much as he does. Plus the man can cook. For chrissakes our dogs eat prosciutto and our baby's first food was fennel. That's gotta say something, right?

HOWEVER, when the Chef is unhappy and depressed, the man described above disappears. It's like he reverts into his former stoner self. He's lazy and is passionless. He ignores me. I nag. I ask him to help on one or two things and I find myself asking for 2 weeks. He spends money that we don't have on a $100 tee shirts. He gets wasted with our old psycho renters (who also happen to be our neighbors). What the fuck is that?

I do not like the unhappy Chef. He actually reminds me a lot of one of my (asshole) ex boyfriends who opened a ton of credit cards in my name and forgot to pay them off. Needless to say I now have shitty credit.
I need my Chef to be happy and loving and funny and a participating member of our quaint little (soon to be big) familiga. That is why starting today he must get a new job. Right now he is 'consulting' and by consulting I mean working 40 hours in three days for crap money. Seriously we are living below poverty level right now. But the facts are the facts. The restaurant is going to take at lease 3 months to get going and we are in serious need of some dough. Plus we just bought this sweet ride and let me just say that the car payments are NOT $99/month.

Responsibility sucks. I can't believe somehow I have turned out to be the more responsible person in the relationship. I guess those many many years of not giving a fuck are coming back twofold.