After moving back to Ohio, the Chef & I decided that I had to work at my dad's business so we could get health insurance. I have been working part time and believe it or not I am OK with it. Some days I absolutely abhor not being with my son, other days I treasure the time apart. Especially now that the boy is acting like a psychopath (terrible two's came a bit early). For the most part I look forward to being a full time stay at home mom again, although I am not quite sure when that will be...especially b/c I will probably be working some nights once Gastropub is open. In any case, I find time to blog at work obviously. I am working right now. And I want to murder my coworker. You see he is 20 years old and I am guessing did not go to high school. Seriously, based on his broken ass English, I am guessing he may have made it to the 8th grade. That still seems to be pushing it.
I am not trying to talk shit. Really I'm not. He is a very very nice kid. Harmless. However he is absolutely horrible at speaking. When I have a customer he comes inside and lounges, right next to the customer, and usually says something completely unrelated or inappropriate. As I was mid convo with a customer, he walks next to her, looks at me and say "I got my leg wet." What the fuck. Whacko. Then an hour later as I am helping another customer, he comes up and says "that burger gave me heartburn.' I am mid sentence with this customer and she looks at me like 'what the hell is this kid talking about.'


I didn't even get to finish this blog post and the kid got fired. Seriously I think he may have been bipolar. One second he's happy & dumb, the next second he's swearing like he's got terets. He just stormed out of here and totally stole our walkie talkie.